Above, Bad Boy (Wuttichai) with a 5 Kg Snakehead caught on a lure.

Fishing in Thailand with Bad Boy

Fishing Holidays and Tours in Bangkok Thailand

Fishing in Thailand, Catfish suck up bait balls a lot larger than a tennis ball.

Thailand Fishing, Exotic Fishing, Fly Fishing, Bungsamran lake Fishing, Siam and Bangkok Fishing, Pure Freashwater Fishing, Monster trip adventures, lure, dead or live bait, float and bottom feeder fishing he does it all. Giant / Monster Catfish, Siamese Carp, Freshwater Stingray, Snakehead, Arapaima, Red tail catfish, etc.

Bad Boy Fishing Bangkok

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Mekong Catfish


Bad Boy can put any package together to meet your requirements.

Fishing for the world famous Giant Mekong Catfish.

Giant Mekong Catfish

This will include 1 fishing rod per person with terminal tackle and 30 Kg's of dried bait. You are not just on a fishing tour but also on a training course on how to catch big fish. This will include casting large baits, striking methods, control and landing big fish. It is also important you now how to handle and hold large fish for photo shoots. Its amazing how simple you have to keep everything. If you want to catch big fish. You have to be ready and equipped to catch one.

In Bungsamran there are 10 world record fish.



12 Hours fishing with one rod

Fishing Licence that Bungsamram charge 2,000 Baht

30 kg of Bait 600 Baht

One Rod Hire 600 Baht

Koon Boy's Fee 1,500 Baht

Total 4,700

Fishing stage with bungalow start 800 Baht per 12 Hours.

Pick up and return to hotel extra.

Please contact him for longer stays and additional fishing requirements or equipment.


Siamese Carp


Fishing for the world famous Giant Siamese Carp at the world famous Bungsamran fishing park.

Giant Siamese Carp

Siamese Carp are harder to catch then Catfish. They start at about 20 kg / 45 lbs. The rod record out of this lake is 127 Kg's that's 280 lbs seen below. They were stocked here 32 years ago in the best conditions. The water is monitored and aeratored to give them the ideal conditions and they respond by getting bigger. It is the same for the Arapaima. In this lake there is 1 at 200 kg / 450 lbs

giant siamese carp bungsamran

This nice fellow had just built a rod for one of his customer. He thought he would try it out and landed this 280 lbs world record beater.

  Same prices as above but more difficult to catch, so allow more time.

IT Lake Monster


many more lakes


Fishing for the world famous Giant Arapaima at the world famous Bungsamran fishing park our IT lake.

Giant Arapiama

I have to say what a sight to see these fish surface. What Magnificent colours but most of all you think, that is massive. It turns and swirls in the water.

  Prices very due to the place you won’t to fish. Please send your requirements or call Bad Boy for a quote.
Mea Klong River  


Giant Fresh Water Stingray

Specialist giant fresh water Stingray fishing expeditions. This is a life time experience for a species from the Meaklong river. 

Fishing tour Includes:-

Pick-up and return to Bangkok hotel

All fishing tackle and equipment included.

Fishing four 150lbs test curve rods, 300lbs line and multiplier reels.

Four personal fishing guides to assist.

Fishing time 10 hours total.

Boats available with life saving equipment.

  Contact Bad Boy for single price or group price