Above, Bad Boy (Wuttichai) with a 5 Kg Snakehead caught on a lure.

Thailand Fishing with Bad Boy

Fishing Holidays and Tours in Bangkok Thailand

Fishing in Thailand, Catfish suck up bait ball bigger than a tennis.

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Thailand Fishing, Exotic Fishing, Fly Fishing, Bungsamran lake Fishing, Siam and Bangkok Fishing, Pure Freashwater Fishing, Monster trip adventures, lure, dead or live bait, float and bottom feeder fishing he does it all. Giant / Monster Catfish, Siamese Carp, Freshwater Stingray, Snakehead, Arapaima, Red tail catfish, etc.

Bad Boy Fishing Bangkok

big fish thailand

Thailand Fishing with Bad Boy, he is a professional fishing guide for 17 years. He is widely known and quite famous around Asia in Hong Kong, Singerpore for his fishing in Thailand. He is one of the top fishing guides in Thailand. Boy has a team of about 20 guides in Bangkok and on various rivers, lakes and reservoirs of Thailand. There are six government owned rivers that you can fish for Giant fresh water Stingray, Giant Catfish / Siamese Carp and of course there’s hundreds of different type of fish in these productive rivers and fishing lakes. Bad Boy has worked tirelessly to improve the stability of these fish species. He co-operates with the Thai government university of fishers and most important the local fisherman. For example the fresh water Stingray was being sold on local market at 4 Baht a kilo. Now more money is injected in to the local economy from visiting fishing parties from around the world. Boy speaks / reads and writes very good English which helps no end. He can arranged anything you require.

Barramundi Lure Fishing, very exciting, crazy fish.

Martin with a 1 kg Siamese Carp bait ball

Giant Siamese Carp

Giant Fresh Water Stingray from Thailands Meaklong River.

Estimated 1000 lbs / 450 kgs by National Geographic.

World’s largest freshwater fish. Caught by Bad Boy team for T.V. program and DR Ning of Veterinary Medical Aquatic Animals Research Center
This giant freshwater stingray was 14 feet long / 4.27 m 8 feet wide / 2.4 m and weighed probably around 600 to 800 pounds! 270 to 360 kg. Boy has caught this fish 2 times.

Bad Boy as in name for fishing but good man to teach your children how to fish. He is amazing family man. He puts a smile on everybody's face. Young or old he provides amazing fishing exprience. why because he is the best that Thailand has to offer. Ajarn Bad Boy. Ajarn means teacher in Thai. He will teach anybody to catch fish in Thailand.

Below:- Family fishing from Singerpore and fine food after a good days fishing. Everybody happy. Single fisherman to a group of fisherman he can arrange everthing.
Big Bad Siamese Carp
Boy's client was battling a fish so he let this young passing boy land this one, It weighed more than the boy.
Arapima night fishing with Bad Boy Below:- a large Barramundi. What a great fight they do.

Red Tail Catfish

So many happy customers, 90% are from repeat customers or recomendations

Mekong Catfish at Bungsamran

Thailand fishing for Barramundi Lure fishing.

Wild river fishing for Catfish by lure. Amazing trip in to the jungle.

Barramundi Lure fishing at Pilot 111 Ponds